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Why is a QR Code a Beneficial Enrollment Tool?

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code (quick response code) is a square 2-dimensional code consisting of black dots on a white background. QR Codes are typically used in conjunction with advertisements to create an interaction between customer and company. There are many uses for the QR Code. Typically, the customer takes their smartphone and scans the QR Code. When the QR Code is scanned, the customer is able to visit the advertiser's website effortlessly and seamlessly.

Some popular uses for the QR Code include visiting websites to recieve more information about a certain company/ product. Other uses include setting appointments, signing up to recieve newsletters or free products. The QR Code is a simple solution for advertisers so they have the chance to gain more customer loyalty, brand recognition and even traffic to their website.

What does this mean for you?

We have the ability to create a QR Code for your business that will take your customers to the exact landing page of your website that you want them to visit. It is a great tool for expanding your company's reach toward individuals who may be too mobile to visit your website from their computer.

What are the steps to creating a QR Code for your business?

Adding a QR Code to your gift cards is very simple. We can add a QR Code to any of our products. There are only 3 steps to providing your customers with an easier way of reaching out to you via your website!

  1. Provide us with the URL for the landing page of your website that you want your customers to visit.
  2. We will print a QR code on your card, keytag or any of our other products.
  3. Your customers will scan the QR Code with a smartphone and your landing page (or scheduler) appears!

What are QR Codes good for?

  • Appointment setting
  • Enrollment in rewards programs
  • Providing information about products and services
  • Allows customer to recieve messages from your company via your company website 
  • Allows the user to check their balance, find other stores and interact with the brand
  • Sign up to recieve information about daily deals/ specials


Ask your sales representative today about using a QR Code to expand your loyal customer base!


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